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AAAA News and Activities

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AAAA Supports AL Youth Activities Committee

Promoting Youth in Astronomy and 
Helping to Save a Hobby

By decreasing light pollution and getting youth involved in the hobby/profession of astronomy, we will help ensure the future of astronomy as we know it. The Astronomical League is sponsoring a Youth Activities Committee to help in this area.  The American Association of Amateur Astronomers is supporting the YAC and its members in their goals.

The Youth Activities Committee has created a new YAC web site. AAAA members are invited to submit articles and photos to be published on this web site. The web  address is http://youth_in_astronomy.homestead.com/

YAC already has many people writing articles for this new site. If you would like to look at the member list, it can be viewed on the YAC web site. One person who stands out is Kent Blackwell. Kent is a devoted amateur astronomer who writes about deep-sky objects. We also have a devoted sponsor in Brain Lula. Brian does the CCD work for the YAC web site. Both these men do very remarkable work.

YAC Chairman Ryan Hannahoe has been meeting with a state representative in his own area of Pennslyvania to hold the first "Youth in Astronomy day" at the Pennsylvania capitol. They have just started planning this event, which will be held in the spring of either 2001 or 2002.

Don Savage from NASA and Ryan have been working on a partnership between YAC and NASA to make the hobby better for all by helping today’s youth to become tomorrow’s leaders in astronomy.

With of the help of organizations like these and the AAAA, the YAC  can become a very useful source of information for youth that are interested in the hobby of astronomy.

The Youth Activities Committee will be dedicated to the memories of Eugene Shoemaker and Clyde Tombaugh, both very notable men in astronomy. Eugene Shoemaker was co-discoverer with David Levy of the famous Comet Shoemaker-Levy which impacted Jupiter in 1994. He and his wife Carolyn discovered many comets using one of the telescopes on Palomar Mountain in Southern California. He died in a car crash in 1998. Clyde Tombaugh was discoverer of the planet Pluto in 1930.

We wish the Youth Activities Committee and it organizer, Ryan Hannahoe, Clear Skies and a Bright Future.

For more information on the Astronomical League's Youth Activities Committee, send an e-mail to Ryan Hannahoe or visit the YAC web site.

AAAA Member Ryan Hannahoe Honored by Astronomical League

The Astronomical League has awarded it’s Horkheimer Award 2000 for Exceptional Service by young astronomers under the age of 19. This award is sponsored by Jack Horkheimer, PBS TV’s nationally known Star Gazer.

AAAA member Ryan Hannahoe was named the 2nd place winner of this year’s Jack Horkheimer Award. He received his award, presented by AL Vice President Bob Gent, at the annual Stellafane Convention in Vermont, July 29th, 2000.

Ryan Hannahoe, from Leesport, Pennsylvania, is a member of the Berks County Amateur Astronomical Society as well as the American Association of Amateur Astronomers. Ryan serves as his local club's program committee chair, and entered high school last fall.

Ryan has a passion for astronomy, and he is persistent. A few months ago, Ryan completed the construction of his 6-inch Newtonian telescope. Over the past several months, he served as a volunteer astronomer for public star parties, scout groups and schools. In addition, he's taught classes on astronomy, observing, and telescope making. Ryan has won awards from his local astronomy club, and he has competed in the science fair with his telescope making project. He has written a paper on telescope making techniques. Among many other activities, Ryan now serves as the webmaster for the Astronomical League's 2001 convention web site.

First place winner was Katie Moore, a member of the Flint River Astronomy Club in Griffin, Georgia.

The deadline for the next Horkheimer Award is March 31, 2001. Any Astronomical League member under the age of 19 on the date of the application deadline is eligible to apply. The award is based upon service to the League or to any League society. For additional information or applications, please contact Bob Gent, AL Vice President, 325 Cloudes Mill Drive, Alexandria, VA 22304-3080, or e-mail: BobGent@aol.com.

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