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Recommendations for Beginning Astronomers

AAAA Provides a Wide Range of Resources for Amateur Astronomers

January 6, 2001 -- The Quad-a eGroup has proven to be a popular place for AAAA members and others to exhange observing reports and other information about the hobby of amateur Astronomy. David Bushard recently posted his list of recommended books for amateur astronomers. If you missed it, we have made it available on the AAAA web site for you to look over.


You can join the Quad-a eGroup on the eGroups website.


Many of you are active observers, and you already know that you can download PDF files of the popular Astronomical League observing programs from the AAAA web site. 


We also have available two different observing forms for you to use. One is an Observing Log with space for 10 objects per page. The other is a Drawing Template to use with 3-inch circles, for those of you who like to sketch or draw at the eyepiece. Either one of these forms should make your observing easier. Just download the PDF files, and print off as many copies as you need for your notebook.


We have also added two new links to our AAAA Portal of Important Astronomy Links on the Internet. The first is Frederick Veio's Spectrohelioscope Image Archive. Sun observers will find this web site particularly interesting. You can find this link and others under the category of Astronomy Resources on the Internet.


We have also added a link to Texas astrophotographer Michael Schwartz's Cover Your Astro web site. Here you can view some of Mike's photos and get a copy of his Portable Observatory Construction Manual and make your own. Many AAAA members lately have been interested in building their own observatory, and this is one option to consider. Mike's portable observatory has been seen at the Texas Star Party. This link is in the category of Instrument and Equipment Manufactures.


As the result of a poll of the members of the Astro-Officers eGroup, moderator Mark Klosinski came up with the a great t-shirt design. This is an effort to make a statement about light pollution in the United States and Canada. The front of the t-shirt shows an image of North America at Night. The back of the t-shirt shows an image of the Milky Way. These t-shirts are being offered to raise awareness as well as money for International Dark-Sky Association. For each t-shirt sold $1.50 will be contributed to the International Dark-Sky Association. We have them in X-Large only.


And finally, for those of you who did not get an astronomy calendar for Christmas, we have four of Richard Barry's Discover the Universe 2001 calendars left.



Ed Flaspoehler, Vice President
American Association of Amateur Astronomers

The American Association of Amateur Astronomers has had an active presence in the amateur astronomy community since 1996. As the AAAA continues to grow and expand, it is having a wider and wider influence among amateur astronomers, and continues to refine the use of the internet as a tool to promote amateur astronomy to the widest possible audience. Through the medium of its own web page, an online store devoted to carefully chosen astronomy merchandise, our own quarterly newsletter, reciprocal links with other astronomy web sites, the creative use of online resources such as eGroups, Listbot and banner advertising, affiliate programs such as Amazon.com, and partnerships with well recognized astronomy organizations such as Sky Publishing, Kalmbach Publishing, Bushnell Sports Optics and the Astronomical League, the American Association of Amateur Astronomers has become an important source of astronomy information on the World Wide Web.

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American Association of Amateur Astronomers
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