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AAAA News and Activities

Messier Marathon
Observing Checklist

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Messier Marathon Object List
Messier Marathon Alternate List

Messier Marathon Object List
Messier Marathon Alternate List

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AL Messier LogoMessier Marathon 2005

Based on the
Messier Marathon Observerís Guide
by Don Machholz

Primary Date: March 11-12, 2005

I. Early Evening Objects

Messier Constellation Type Rating
__ M77 Cetus Galaxy Difficult
__ M74 Pisces Galaxy Difficult
__ M33 Triangulum Galaxy Difficult
__ M31 Andromeda Galaxy Easy
__ M32 Andromeda Galaxy Difficult
__ M110 Andromeda Galaxy Difficult
__ M52 Cassiopeia Open Cluster Moderate
__ M103 Cassiopeia Open Cluster Moderate
__ M76 Perseus Planetary Nebula Moderate
__ M34 Perseus Open Cluster Easy
__ M45 Taurus Open Cluster Easy
__ M79 Lepus Globular Cluster Moderate
__ M42 Orion Diffuse Nebula Easy
__ M43 Orion Diffuse Nebula Easy
__ M78 Orion Diffuse Nebula Moderate
__ M1 Taurus Supernova Remnant Difficult
__ M35 Gemini Open Cluster Easy
__ M37 Auriga Open Cluster Moderate
__ M36 Auriga Open Cluster Moderate
__ M38 Auriga Open Cluster Moderate
__ M41 Canis Major Open Cluster Easy
__ M93 Puppis Open Cluster Moderate
__ M47 Puppis Open Cluster Moderate
__ M46 Puppis Open Cluster Moderate
__ M50 Monoceros Open Cluster Moderate
__ M48 Hydra Open Cluster Moderate
__ M44 Cancer Open Cluster Easy
__ M67 Cancer Open Cluster Moderate

II. Leo and the Big Dipper Region

Messier Constellation Type Rating
__ M95 Leo Galaxy Difficult
__ M96 Leo Galaxy Difficult
__ M105 Leo Galaxy Difficult
__ M65 Leo Galaxy Difficult
__ M66 Leo Galaxy Difficult
__ M81 Ursa Major Galaxy Moderate
__ M82 Ursa Major Galaxy Moderate
__ M97 Ursa Major Planetary Nebula Difficult
__ M108 Ursa Major Galaxy Difficult
__ M109 Ursa Major Galaxy Difficult
__ M40 Ursa Major Double Star Difficult
__ M106 Canes Venatici Galaxy Moderate
__ M94 Canes Venatici Galaxy Moderate
__ M63 Canes Venatici Galaxy Moderate
__ M51 Canes Venatici Galaxy Moderate
__ M101 Ursa Major Galaxy Moderate
__ M102 Draco Galaxy Difficult
__ M53 Coma Berenices Globular Cluster Moderate
__ M64 Coma Berenices Galaxy Moderate
__ M3 Canes Venatici Globular Cluster Moderate
__ M68 Hydra Globular Cluster Difficult
__ M83 Hydra Galaxy Difficult

III. Virgo Cluster Region

Messier Constellation Type Rating
__ M98 Coma Berenices Galaxy Moderate
__ M99 Coma Berenices Galaxy Moderate
__ M100 Coma Berenices Galaxy Moderate
__ M85 Coma Berenices Galaxy Moderate
__ M84 Virgo Galaxy Moderate
__ M86 Virgo Galaxy Moderate
__ M87 Virgo Galaxy Moderate
__ M89 Virgo. Galaxy Difficult,
__ M90 Virgo Galaxy Difficult
__ M88 Coma Berenices Galaxy Difficult
__ M91 Coma Berenices Galaxy Difficult
__ M58 Virgo Galaxy Moderate
__ M59 Virgo Galaxy Moderate
__ M60 Virgo Galaxy Moderate
__ M49 Virgo Galaxy Moderate
__ M61 Virgo. Galaxy Moderate
__ M104 Virgo Galaxy Moderate

IV. After Midnight

Messier Constellation Type Rating
__ M5 Serpens, Globular Cluster Moderate
__ M13 Hercules Globular Cluster Easy
__ M92 Hercules Globular Cluster Moderate
__ M57 Lyra Planetary Nebula Moderate
__ M56 Lyra Globular Cluster Difficult
__ M29 Cygnus Open Cluster Moderate
__ M39 Cygnus Open Cluster Moderate
__ M27 Vulpecula Planetary Nebula Easy
__ M71 Sagitta Globular Cluster Moderate
__ M107 Ophiuchus Globular Cluster Moderate
__ M12 Ophiuchus Globular Cluster Moderate
__ M10 Ophiuchus Globular Cluster Moderate
__ M14 Ophiuchus Globular Cluster Moderate
__ M9 Ophiuchus Globular Cluster Moderate

V. Scorpius and Sagittarius Region

Messier Constellation Type Rating
__ M4 Scorpius Globular Cluster Easy
__ M80 Scorpius Globular Cluster Moderate
__ M19 Ophiuchus Globular Cluster Moderate
__ M62 Ophiuchus Globular Cluster Moderate
__ M6 Scorpius Open Cluster Moderate
__ M7 Scorpius Open Cluster Easy
__ M11 Scutum Open Cluster Easy
__ M26 Scutum Open Cluster Difficult
__ M16 Serpens Diffuse Nebula + Open Cluster Easy
__ M17 Sagittarius Diffuse Nebula Easy
__ M18 Sagittarius Open Cluster Easy
__ M24 Sagittarius Star Cloud Easy
__ M25 Sagittarius Open Cluster Easy,
__ M23 Sagittarius Open Cluster Easy
__ M21 Sagittarius Open Cluster Easy
__ M20 Sagittarius Diffuse Nebula Easy
__ M8 Sagittarius Diffuse Nebula Easy
__ M28 Sagittarius Globular Cluster Easy
__ M22 Sagittarius Globular Cluster Easy
__ M69 Sagittarius Globular Cluster Difficult
__ M70 Sagittarius Globular Cluster Difficult
__ M54 Sagittarius Globular Cluster Difficult
__ M55 Sagittarius Globular Cluster Difficult
__ M75 Sagittarius Globular Cluster Difficult

VI. Early Dawn

Messier Constellation Type Rating
__ M15 Pegasus Globular Cluster Difficult
__ M2 Aquarius Globular Cluster Difficult.
__ M72 Aquarius Globular Cluster Difficult
__ M73 Aquarius Open Cluster Difficult
__ M30 Capricornus Globular Cluster Difficult

Click HERE to download the Messier Marathon PDF file

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