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Ad Astra 2002

An International Astronomy Conference
June 27-30, 2002

On the Campus of Washburn University, Topeka, KS

“Ad Astra per Aspera”

Stoffer Science Building on the campus of Washburn University, Topeka, KS

Sponsored by the Astronomy Department of Washburn University.

Experiencing Astronomy from the Ground Up

Ad Astra 2002, An International Astronomy Conference, was held June 27-29, 2002, on the Campus of Washburn University, in Topeka, KS, hosted by the Astronomy Department of Washburn University. 

Ad Astra 2000 was aimed at providing a fun and informative hands on astronomy event. Because Topeka, KS,  is centrally located for the entire US,  this convention drew attendees not only from the local area, but also was an occasion for AAAA members from across the country to meet personally and share astronomical experiences.

bc-washburn.jpg (24043 bytes)Ad Astra 2002 had as its motto, “Ad Astra per Aspera”, which is also the Kansas State Motto.

Ad Astra 2002 was organized by AAAA Member Brenda Culbertson. Brenda is a member of the Department of Astronomy at Washburn University in Topeka.

Ad Astra 2000 - Experiencing Astronomy from the Ground Up!

Over 60 people attended Ad Astra 2002. Attendees were treated to a wide range of talks and activities. There were presentations by well-known professional amateurs, lectures by accomplished amateur astronomers from Kansas and the Mid-west, a guided tour and observing through Washburn University’s historic Warner and Swasey refractor telescope, and a fine banquet. There were opportunities for night-time star parties at Far Point Observatory, the dark sky site and owned and operated by NEKAAL, the North-East Kansas Amateur Astronomers League, the local astronomy club in Topeka. The Far Point Observatory is located on the grounds of Mission Valley High School, approximately 30 miles southwest of Topeka, and well worth the visit.

Few events were scheduled for Friday, which was planned as a day of arrival and registration for attendees from out of town. Guided tours of the Washburn Campus were available for those who wished. Official Ad Astra events began that evening with a Friday Night BBQ at Champion's Bar-B-Que and Sports Bar, just a short walk from the campus. After a pleasant meal and socializing, there was a guided tour of Washburn’s Crane Observatory and its 11.5-inch Warner & Swasey refracting telescope. This historic telescope has recently been refurbished, and working with it was a special treat of attending Ad Astra 2002.

The main day of the convention was Saturday, with presentations, displays, and meetings taking place in the Stoffer Science Hall. Five speakers presented lectures, with presentation alternating between two large size lecture halls, both of which contained a fine array of audio-visual equipment. There was plenty of time during the day and between presentation for visiting and relaxing with friends. The silent auction was especially fun, and netted a significant amount of money which will be used to help bring the planetarium in Stoffer Hall up to date.

After a short introduction and welcome by Brenda Culbertson, events got underway.

General Schedule

June 27-30, 2002: Click here for the registration form. Please print it out, attach your check and mail it in to us.

Dorm Rooms: in the Living Learning Center. Dorms are available beginning Thursday evening.

$16.00 per person per night for a double
$20.00 per person per night for a single

$6.00 per person one-time fee for linens: 2 flat sheets, one pillow case, one pillow, two towels, one washcloth, and one blanket. All of which must be returned upon checkout.

Friday Night BBQ: at Champion Bar-B-Que and Sports Bar (across from campus)
 $7.50 per person for a sandwich buffet: includes three sliced meats (ham, turkey, and brisket), 3 sides (potato salad, cole slaw, and baked beans), pickles (regular and specialty “hot”), and chips. Drinks are not included.

Friday Night Observing:

Remote observing at Farpoint Observatory hosted by NEKAAL (nekaal.org).

Urban observing from Crane Observatory, Stoffer Science Hall, using the 112-year-old Warner & Swasey refractor with Brashear lens.

Regular Presentations and Meetings Site: Stoffer Science Hall on campus.

Rooms 101 and 103 for presentations.

Will Gilliland, State of Kansas (planetary geology)
Bruce Twarog, University of Kansas (astrophysicist)
Graham Bell, Northeast Kansas Amateur Astronomers’ League (comet co-discoverer)

Banquet: in the Grand Ballroom of the Washburn Student Union.

$15.00 per person for a buffet of:
Roast beef, turkey, mashed potatoes and cream gravy, peas and carrots, corn, and dinner roll. Salad, dessert, and drink are included.

Special Presentation: White Concert Hall is on campus. The Special Presentation is open to the public.

Special Presentation by Dr. Paul Butler, American Astronomical Society
Topic: Extrasolar Planets

Saturday Night Observing:

Remote observing at Farpoint Observatory hosted by NEKAAL.

Sunday Wrap-up:

Final information.

A Silent Auction will be conducted during the convention. Items up for auction will be donated, and money raised will be donated to the Planetarium Replacement Fund at Washburn University.

A schedule with times and changes will be provided upon checking in at the registration table in Stoffer Science Hall. Registration begins on Friday (06/28) evening.

People who would like to present a paper should contact Brenda Culbertson as soon as possible with a short abstract for consideration. No compensation is provided for presentations.

Ad Astra 2002
Experiencing Astronomy
 from the Ground Up!

Register with us now, and we will be glad to send you notification and further information for upcoming astronomical events.

Please provide the following contact information:


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