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Fight Light Pollution

A common concern of all amateur astronomers is the problem of Light Pollution. Bright and uncontrolled nighttime lighting practices, especially in our large cities, have severely reduced our ability to see the sky at night. While a problem for everyone, light pollution is especially troubling to amateur astronomers, who can no longer enjoy using telescopes from their backyards. The American Association of Amateur Astronomers, as part of the AAAA mission, wants to spread the word about light pollution and how to combat it, so that everyone can continue to be able to enjoy the beauty and wonder of the night sky.

Click HERE to Download our Fight Light Pollution Card in Adobe PDF Format.
Print off copies  on 4x6 card stock to give to your friends!

Signs of Light Pollution

  • Sky Glow - sky is amber or pink on a cloudy night
  • Light Trespass - light shining on other properties
  • Glare - light shining directly into you eyes

Symptoms of Light Pollution

  • Energy Wasted
    • Light goes up to the universe
    • Light is used when not needed
    • Light has too much wattage
  • Safety and Security Compromised
    • Glare is blinding; objects become invisible
    • Harsh light causes dark shadows
    • Plant, Animal and Human Cycles Disrupted
  • Affects reproduction, migration and sleep
    • Beauty and Enjoyment of the Night is Disappearing
    • Sky is not dark
    • Stars are not bright
    • Milky Way Galaxy is not visible
    • Ages old Heritage of the night sky is lost

Solutions to Light Pollution

  • Use lights only when and where necessary
  • Shield or recess light bulbs so no glare is visible
  • Aim fixtures downward so there is no upward spill of light or light trespass
  • Use low wattage, energy efficient light bulbs
  • Do not over-light an area, compared to the background lighting
  • Turn off light when not needed

See IDA Information Sheets #6, #40, #128, #155 at

How You Can Help

International Dark Sky Association

"To preserve and protect the nighttime environment and our heritage of dark skies through quality outdoor lighting."


Share your Interest and Love of Astronomy with Us. Join the American Association of Amateur Astronomers

The American Association of Amateur Astronomers - How to Join the AAAA

Be Part of the Solution:
Stop Light Pollution
with Quality Outdoor Lighting

  • Save Energy;
  • Improve safety and security;
  • Protect plant and animal circadian rhythms;
  • Restore the beauty of the night - our heritage!

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If you drove 2 hours to a dark sky site to log #50
on your list of 49 binocular Messier objects,
then counted a total of 51 ...

You MIGHT be an Amateur Astronomer!

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