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The American Association of Amateur Astronomers

The American Association of Amateur Astronomers offers you the following services.

  • The American Association of Amateur Astronomers is proud to support The Astronomical League, a federation of 232 astronomy clubs, with over 16,000 members nationwide.
  • Join The Astronomical League as a Member-at-Large and receive the AL's quarterly magazine, The REFLECTOR.
  • We provide periodic notification of major events like star parties (Texas Star Party, Nebraska Star Party, Winter Star Party, etc.), national observatory activities, and general goings-on in the amateur astronomy community when they become available.

AAAA Info Kit

The American Association of Amateur Astronomers is proud to offer you our AAAA Info Packet to help you get started in astronomy. This packet contains the following items.

  • The AAAA booklet A Primer for the Beginning Stargazer.
  • The booklet Getting Started in Astronomy by Sky & Telescope Magazine.
  • The flyer Choosing Your First Telescope from Sky Publishing.
  • A list of products available from Astronomical League Sales.
  • A Packet of Observing Programs  from the Astronomical League. 
  • Free AAAA logo ballpoint pen - suitable for filling out observing logs.
  • Flyers and information about ALPO, NASA, and other astronomy and space related activities.


Observing Programs from the Astronomical League

Messier Club - 70 object and 110 object levels for the telescope.
Herschel Club - 400 deep sky objects for the telescope.
Herschel II Club - 400 more challenge deep-sky objects for the telescope.
Binocular Messier Club - 50 of the best Messier objects for binoculars.
Deep Sky Binocular Club - 60 additional deep sky objects for binoculars.
Southern Skies Binocular Club - 50 of the finest objects in the Southern Hemisphere.
Double Star Club - 100 of the finest double & multiple stars in the heavens.
Lunar Club - 100 features on the moon for naked eye, binoculars, and telescope.
Meteor Club - observe a series of meteor showers, and record your observations for ALPO.
Sunspotters Club - observe and study sunspots and their cycles.
Arp Peculiar Galaxy Club - CCD image or observe 100 Arp galaxies.
Urban Club - observe 100 objects in heavily light-polluted areas.
Asteroid Club
- learn to identify and observe asteroids and minor planets
Universe Sampler - a journey through the universe for the beginner.
Planetary Club - 27 selected projects to introduce the pleasures of planetary observing.

More clubs will be added as we go. We will have a club to meet every individual's interest in this wonderful hobby of ours.

If you would like to download the PDF file for each program, click here now.

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It's A Small World

From: Nadim K. Nassar
To: John Wagoner
Subject: Welcome Package
Date: Wednesday, April 14, 1999 1:25 PM

Dear John:

Thanks very much for the Package you have sent to me. I am sure I will benefit from joining your Association.


Nadim K. Nassar
Sr. Project Controls Engineer
Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia
e-mail : nknassar@sahara.com.sa

Join the American Association
of Amateur Astronomers.

Use your credit card or send your name and address along with your check for $20.00 ($25.00 family) made payable to AAAA, to:

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Dallas, TX 75209-0981

If your spouse thinks that a star party
is a rotten way to spend your anniversary ...

You MIGHT be an Amateur Astronomer!

The American Association of Amateur Astronomers 
is a member society of the Astronomical League

P.O. Box 7981, Dallas, TX 75209-0981

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