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Observing is the Heart of Amateur Astronomy

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Benefits of the Astronomical League

For information on booking the AAAA for a Lecture,  please contact Ed Flaspoehler at eflaspo @ aol.com

The goal of the AAAA is to foster interest in amateur astronomy by developing and promoting programs in the area of observational astronomy and by disseminating astronomical information electronically via the Internet. We are also delighted to be able to share our expertise in astronomy with your group, company, or school.

Finding a speaker: We know that securing the right speaker is one of the most crucial elements of a successful event. Because NASA and the news media seem to publicize astronomical events with regularity, public interest in astronomy is higher than ever. But finding a speaker knowledgeable about astronomical subjects can be a difficult task, especially through a conventional Speaker's Bureau. This is where the AAAA can help. We can assist you in planning an astronomy presentation that will suit your audience profile, meeting tone, content themes, and budget. We offer high quality and interesting programs that will draw a crowd, stimulate conversation and boost your organization's profile.

Planning your event: When you work with the AAAA, you gain a knowledgeable partner with expertise in making presentations and a deep understanding of astronomy. We have attended and presented at many astronomy events, and know what audiences find interesting. And, we are equipped to make outdoor presentations with a telescope or indoor PowerPoint presentations that will help you and your audience understand the sky.

Book a Lecture: For information on booking the AAAA for a Lecture,  please contact Ed Flaspoehler at eflaspo @ aol.com. We will work within your budget and stay beside you until the final round of applause.

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